Three Years and Counting


A million thanks to every one of you who has passed through our doors!  This week marks our third anniversary, and we couldn't be more thrilled.  We're so lucky to be in such a busy, supportive, exciting neighborhood with wonderful customers and lovely businesses. People like discussing how risky it is to be a bookstore in the digital age, but we've never felt anything except support.  Our customers have reaffirmed our belief that there's a need for bookstores and there's still a love for the physical book.  We're so privileged to wake up every day in order to recommend new titles and share our favorite books with amazing people.  

This is also a great opportunity to remind you of our Odyssey Program.  Basically, it's our way of thanking you for a being loyal customers.  When you spend money at our store, we reward you!  We wouldn't be here without you, and it's our pleasure to make you feel special.  Next time you're at City Lit, tell us your name at the counter and we'll make sure you're signed up.