Liberation Library Gift Card

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Donate $10 to Liberation Library.

Liberation Library is partnering with independent bookstores in a book drive to send books to incarcerated youth.  Donate if you can to help us send the books!

About Liberation Library

Liberation Library provides books to youth in prison to encourage imagination, self-determination and connection to outside worlds of their choosing.  They believe access to books is a right, not a privilege.  Liberation Library, founded in February 2015 by Project NIA, is a volunteer-based group in Chicago that provides books to young people in Illinois prisons and juvenile detention centers in Illinois.  

The  readers fill out order forms that volunteers fill at twice monthly packing days. Our readers provide their top three choices and general interests, so that we can get them the book of their choosing, or something similar.  Once the book is selected, Liberation Library volunteers write personalized notes to each reader, and the books that the young people receive are theirs to keep. Their model encourages our readers to have choice and ownership in a world where they are often devoid of both. 

Minimum: $5.00