Graphic Novel Book Bundle

Don’t know where to start in that sweet lookin’ adult graphic novel section? Or maybe you’ve grabbed a book or two, but aren’t sure what to go with next? Our City Lit Graphic Novel Bundle is here to help.

Jordan, our Copernicus of novels of the graphic variety TM, runs our graphic novel bookclub and he’s been reading any and all of the graphic novels he can get his hands on for years now. He's mapping the stars, so you can go on fantastic journeys. When Jordan’s head isn’t in the clouds, his ear has been on the ground-- talking with anyone who even gets close to the graphic novel section in the store about what they know or what they like.

Plus, Jordan’s been keeping in touch with publishers, so that even before a new graphic novel comes out he’s already angling to get it into the right hands. And now.. Jordan will select you three graphic novels that he thinks you need in your life.

What's in the bundle?  

Three of the best adult graphic novels we have in store! Plus they can all wrapped up in some our snazzy wrapping paper, so it's an exciting surprise for you or they're already ready to be gifted!

But if you'd rather spoil the surprise before you buy, give us a call (773-235-2523) or email Jordan ( and we'll let you know what the three books are.

Why should I get it?

Because you’ll be receiving a discount on the books and shipping. Because these books are so good that you’ll be the envy of your friends. Because you’ll get introduced to new authors and illustrators, to new ideas, to new worlds. Because

Ok, so.. how do I get one?

Email or call us up, we'll grab some info from you, then we’ll get your bundle sent out to you as quickly as possible so you can tear into it!

**so with things that are fun surprises, sometimes someone may already have a book that gets sent to them. If you are reading this you are obviously already a purveyor of good taste. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that you’ve already found your way to one of these books. We encourage you to experience some of our joy and gift the book to a friend (seriously, it’s really rewarding). If that just won’t do, because say all of your friends also have their own bundle, then drop Jordan an email at: and we will sort something with you out.