Lonely Robot Fiction Anthology Series

The eleven short stories in this collection, the first from Lonely Robot, run the gamut from ridiculous to heartbreaking, but they all have one thing in common – Robots. Inside are stories of terrifyingly ice-cold logic, acts of almost-human kindness, and even the everyday grind of being an artificial person. Comedy, horror, mystery, drama – the authors show us that there isn't a story that can't be made better by adding a robot. Also featuring artwork by several exciting young artists, the Lonely Robot Fiction Anthology series kicks off with a bang!
Jamie Buell lives in Chicago. Currently he is working on series of fictional short-stories about American presidents. He is married, has a baby, owns a dog and lives within walking distance of real good sushi; the dream is real.
Ann Crago is a writer in Chicago. She scratched her creative itch for about 10 years by being an active member of the improvisational comedy scene in the city. She has applied her talents to sketch comedy as well, including being an original member of The Cupid Players and writing/performing in/producing with her long-time friend and sometimes writing partner, Eric Rampson. By day she is a content strategist and writer at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, mother to 14-month-old Franny, and wife to Jim.
Rory Leahy is the founder and Artistic Director of the American Demigods theatre company. His short play He's Really A Great Guy will be published in the forthcoming Best Ten Minute Plays of 2013 from Smith and Krauss. His plays have been performed in Chicago, Champaign-Urbana IL, St. Louis MO, Miami FL, and New York City.
Barbara W.L. Meyers graduated from Northwestern University many years ago, and has since worked as a stay-at-home mom, freelance journalist, professional actor, substitute teacher, real estate agent, and the always illustrious "administrative assistant". Her work has been published in The First Line, and she was a Finalist in the Glimmer Train June 2011 Fiction Open; she's currently working on a novel. Barbara lives in central Illinois with her husband and two kids, in a home supersaturated with imagination.
Nate Parkes lives in Chicago. He is a 2009 graduate of Clarion West, and holds a Master's Degree in Religion from Yale Divinity School. Personally, he is super jazzed to put his brain in a robot body, or his body in a robot brain, or however it eventually shakes out. He is along for the ride.
Eric Rampson is a writer living in Logan Square in Chicago, IL. He is the editor-in-chief of Lonely Robot Comics, which publishes two of his ongoing comic books, The Redeemers and Once Upon a Time. His third comic book, The Silver Bullet, is available from Markosia Publishing. He is working on a novel that has nothing at all to do with Robots and another fiction anthology that has everything to do with

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