Book Release: Glenance Green, author of Shades of Green

Join the us at City Lit Books for the Book Release event Shades of Green by Glenance Green, with readings by Je Tuan Jones and Jenny Marie Christian.

Shades of Green by Glenance Green is an anthological series of thoughts from the mind of one black woman giving voice to many. Illustratively, she uses seven forms of Greek love to weave together a powerful narrative through poetry, prose, and short stories. This brilliant work of art breathes life into reflections and revelations of the present moment yet contextually considerate of the past. Capturing the essence of social constructions of identities and struggles, these poetic expressions of lived experiences go well beyond the realm of art.

Glenance Green is a Chicago-based writer, scholar, activist, playwright, filmmaker, and recreational athlete. This is her first book.

The R&B Love Series Volumeby Je Tuan Jones sends you on a nostalgic trip to a time when music plucked your heart strings. Inspired by popular 90s R&B songs, this series is all about love, loss, and redemption. 

Je Tuan Jones is an author and eclectic entrepreneur. When she isn't writing, she is ghostwriting, book coaching, copywriting, and spiritual life coaching. She has dedicated her life to her love pushing people to their highest good and writing. She has written over 50 books under various pen names and is finally coming out of her shell by returning to the genre she's loved since a teen, African American Romance. Je Tuan has a BA in Psychology from Roosevelt University is a Certified NLP life coach, A certified domestic violence advocate,  and is a Ph.D Student in the field of Metaphysical Studies.  

Pretty, Positive and Prosperous: Principles of Life by Jenny Marie Christian focuses on living a positive life that will reap positive rewards. In this book, she shares a few life lessons and quotes that have helped her through difficult times.

Jenny Marie Christian is a muse of the arts, ambitious, and determined philanthropist.
 Born in Chicago to the blues legend, “Little Johnny” Christian and the educator, servant of the Lord Mary Christian-Jones is where it began. Jenny realized at an early age through the impact of her father’s music on others and her mother’s work she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others. Jenny published her first book (You Broke My Heart, Now Go to Hell) in 2008, Pretty, Positive and Prosperous in 2015 and launched a project dear to her heart Jenny’s personal stories are used in the books and blogs as a vehicle to spread the message of “allow every adversity to make you better and not bitter” to every young woman across globe.

Event date: 
Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 6:30pm
Event address: 
City Lit Books
2523 N. Kedzie Blvd
Chicago, IL 60647