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This book is a business psychological teaching book. This book aims to indicate some sample different kinds of client individual psychological emotion challenges to give opions to let these businesses how to solve these psychological challenges and how to attract clients' concerning to their products or services. Also, I shall explain how to use psychological methods to predict clients' emotion in order to attract more clients to choose to use these businesses' services or buy these businesses' products. These product or service businesses include space exploration relative product, natural energy resource product, environment pollution product, road transportation design service, airline fuel product, Disney entertainment service, travel agent service, education service etc. I feel any businesses can keep longer time to grow up if businessmen can know how to use psychological methods to predict their clients' positive emotions. I shall give my opinions to answer how to predict these businesses' client emotion, such as how Disney can attract more visitors; how to predict clients' emotion to consume space travel entertainment and/or space relative products; how to increase student numbers, how to predict traveller individual's travelling destination choice etc. client psychological choice behaviors.I write this book aim to let readers to raise knowledge how to predicts service industries consumers needs and research what factors can influence their needs change.The first market concerns travel industry: How to predict future travel behaviour from past travel behaviour for travel agents benefits. I shall indicate how to predict travel behavioural consumption from psychology view and computer statistic both view points and qualitative of travel behavioural method to achieve how to operate travel business more successfully. The second market concerns school education industry. I shall indicate what the factors can influence the final grades of academic students. I shall give examples to explain why these factors can influence the final grades to be bad of academic students easily. Those factors include: tutoring method factor, class attendance and academic performance factor, drinking and academic motivation factor, the link between sleep quantity and academic performance factor, the relationship between physical fitness and academic performance factor, the relationship between student's learning style and academic performance factor as well as the relationship between time management and academic performance total seven factors. The third market concerns outsourcing either manufacturing or service strategy. Although, nowadays, outsourcing is popular strategy to any global organizations. But they neglect outsourcing strategy has also disadvantages. I shall explain why outsourcing strategy can bring benefits to some organizations, but it can also bring disadvantages to some organizations. I shall indicate evidences to explain what the reasons are not right when the organizations choose outsourcing strategy. I shall explain why any organizations need to analyze their situations whether are suitable to apply outsourcing strategy to operate their management, before they decide to make outsourcing strategy.
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ISBN: 9798622309410
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Publication Date: March 7th, 2020
Pages: 244
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