Terrorist attack Brings What Influences To US Economy (Social Science) (Paperback)

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In US oil industry consumption aspect, it can be influenced by terrorism attack. One primary factor for the continuing increase is due to war activities may increase as soon as possible. Clearly, several factor for the continuing increase is due to increasing world consumption (80 million barrels per day ), which has significant rosk premium to crude oil prices and is largely responsible for prices, exceeding US$40 to $50 per barrel. In addition to increased world consumption, other factors can contribute to the current oil price levels include as below: A weak every US dollar, since oil is priced in US dollars, as the value of the US dollars falls, the price of oil in US dollars goes up. The US dollar has fallen by 33 percent estimated again the EURO in th past five year. Asian economies is experiencing the rapid growth, resulting in their increased petroleum consumption, it is possible due to many Asian people feel to need to buy vehicles to drive to enjoy their life. The important factor to cause Asian people expect to buy much oil in short time from US oil supplies because they fear oil supply will reduce, after the World Trade Center terrorism attacks on Sep. 11 occurrence. They will feel that many countries will need to buy many high technological weapons and oil demand will also be increased to increase when they need much oil to be used for their weapons' energy. In simply, it will cause US oil supply shortage challenge causes, if many countries need to buy many different kinds of weapons from US in short time. Hence, other oil energy consumption market, such as vehicle driving, factory manufacturing, restaurant cooking, household daily cooking etc, essential necessities, so the householders or restaurants energy consumers will need oil energy to cook their food every day or the vehicle owners or public transportation drivers energy consumers will need to buy much oil or gas to drive their cars when they have need to drive cars to go to offices or drive cars to go to anywhere for entertainment aims or drive public transportation tools to catch passengers aims. Then, they will feel US different oil or gas suppliers' oil or gas average prices are suddenly risen, due to oil or gas supply shortage challenge is caused. So, the World Trade Center terrorism attacks matter will influence US oil or gas prices are risen indirectly in short time, due to global oil or gas energy consumers' needs or demands are increasing, but the US or gas oil supply is shortage in short time as well as the price of US oil or gas a reaction to a variety of their factors that are exclusive of war activities. Exactly how much causal affect has military actions has on oil or gas prices, relative to the impact of other factors have yet to be clearly determined. Hence, it seems the World trade Center terrorism attacks matter might impace US oil or gas demand is increased and US weapon demand is increased in both trading activities.
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