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Namik, (1965) explained that economic growth theories reflect on the continuous increases in the gross national product, because of interaction that occurs in a given environment; in a certain time period, including various changes in the presentation of productive factors in society labor, capital and nature resources to lead these radical changes to increase successive demand on commodities and hence an increase in national income.Hence, society labor knowledge or skillful development will be one important factor to influence any country's economic growth. If the country has many good educational and skillful labor, then the country will have more possible to raise economic growth for long term, due to they can apply their expertise skills and knowledge to attribute to their country's different kinds of high skillful or knowledge jobs or occupations to do in order to raise themselves country's productivities efficiently. Hence, economic growth has more effort to raise human ( labor) these knowledge or skillful development in possible. Considering how economic growth leads labor's skillful and knowledge development positively, I shall indicate these factors as below: Firstly, on manufacturing industry labors development factor hand, I assume that China's industrial export sector has been positively influenced by the accumulation of human capital, due to many China young people who had graduated any different kinds of degrees, e.g. engineering, education, law, accounting, business, management, chemical, medical, architectural, biology, medicine, computer science, earth science, space science, ocean science, environmental science etc. different kinds of subjects from overseas universities or local universities. Them they apply their expertise knowledge to attribute their skills to do any kinds of professional jobs in China's society. Due to China's sudden economic growth, so it reflects on the continuous increase in the good gross national product, because it occurs in a given good economic environment in a certain time period, due to the global different kinds of China's product number need is increasing as well as many China product manufacturers need many high educational and skillful labors to attribute their effort to help them to develop their businesses in China during the good economic growth period. Hence, China's economic growth leads China's any kinds of product manufacturers who need to employ any kinds of high educational and skillful employees ( labors) to do their different kinds of jobs, due to global any kinds of China product consumers' needs are increasing suddenly. Then, it causes the effort to China employees who prefer to spend expenditure to train any young graduated people to be qualified high educational skillful labors with the good conditions of production; which leads to competitive sectors to attract these lacking working experiences of young graduated people t to be the availability of qualified labors in China in order to raise enough employment supply number to satisfy China's manufacturers' labor needs. So, it is a reason to explain that China's high educational and skillful labors development aims to attract foreign investment at a time. The overseas countries seek to provide investment environment through international laws and regulated that only provide qualified labor able to deal with modern technology to China's manufacturing industry development. So, China's economic growth will lead China's knowledge and skillful labors development in possible.
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