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⦁Sport industry development brings economic growth I believe that economic growth must have relationship to influence human development. But it must not lead positive human development. Otherwise, when one country is experiencing stable economic growth in long term. It is possible to lead negative human development. I shall indicate as below: To explain whether economy growth can influence human development. We need to research whether economy growth has relationship to influence human development. What is economic growth meaning? Economists explain it means an increase in gross national product (GNP) if all products and services that an economy produces during a specified time period. So, it brings one interesting question concerns economic growth: IS it a quantity based concept, not quality based concept? If economic growth is an only relationship to economic development Otherwise, if it also has quality based concepts, then it has relationship to influence or lead human development. When economy growth is a direct measure of changes in the size of the economy. Whether it is a measure of welfare to human development or sustainable development. Why do we need to concern economic growth? Because political importance means domestic and international trading income and the country's people earning income measurement as well as humanitarian importance means an indicator of welfare, an indicator of human development and an indicator of sustainable development measurement. However, if seems GNP or GDP measures that value of products and services produces within an economy ( economic income) in a given year, but it can also measure of welfare development, sustainable anything. Otherwise, human development includes welfare, which measures quality of life and human development, which means quality based concept as well as sustainable income, which means how much we can spend without running down capital stocks, we can maintain same level of spending in perpetuity. Hence, human development concerns our quality of life or standard of living. So, human welfare separation of means from a direct measure of well-being as well as economic welfare separation of means GNP or GDP corrected for expenditures on various necessities. So, it brings this question: Can GDP ( economic growth measurement) be an indicator of human development or human welfare? I shall indicate cases to attempt to explain as below: For GDP per capita and happiness case example, I assume that the country, US increases rapidly up to capita US $4,000 per capita in this year and small returns after that. What does this mean? What influences US people feel happy or happiness feeling causes? For another changing in GDP correlate to changes in environment quality case. Environmental KC ( Kuznets Curve) showed the graphical representation of Kuznets theory from the 1940 year that economic inequality increases over time, then at a critical point begins to decrease. Environmental KC (EKC) shows a hypothesized relationship between various indicators of environmental degradation and income per capita.The EKC ( environment Kuznets Curve), shows that in the early stages of economic growth degradation and pollution increase, when beyond some level of income per capita, which varies for different indicators. The trend reverses, so that at high-income levels economic growth leads to environment improvement.
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