Forest Product Conversion Factors (Paperback)

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By providing ratios of raw material input to output for wood-based forest products in 37 countries, this book helps analysts, policymakers, forest practitioners and forest-based manufacturers to understand the drivers of efficiency, feasibility and economics in relevant sectors. The term "forest product conversion factors" is used to cover a broad spectrum of ratios used in the forest, manufacturing and energy sectors. For the purposes of this publication, "conversion factor" is defined as using a known figure to determine or estimate an unknown figure via a ratio. Almost every aspect of forecasting and analysis involves the use of conversion factors in some way, including silvicultural growth models, biomass calculations, estimates of forest carbon and timber-sale appraisals.

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ISBN: 9789251322475
ISBN-10: 9251322473
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Organization of the UN (FA
Publication Date: March 23rd, 2021
Pages: 70
Language: English