Life: Life sentence (Paperback)

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A German boy who emigrates to America at the age of three, experiences severe sexual and physical abuse, ultimately ending up in this spiral of violence himself. When he is 13, the father dies on Christmas Eve, which tears him and his mother into the abyss. Out of desperation, his mom dives into Church and college studies, leaving him to his own devices where he then falls into violence, drugs and alcohol. This eventually leads him to a Life Sentence, serving 15 years for murder, robbery and much more. Here are stories about this completely amazing life behind bars and how he came out again, like a Phoenix from the ashes, turned away from crime and took a completely new direction. Inspiring, eye-opening and fascinating.

In prison, however, life happens, and most of a lifetime later Mr. Houdershell is masterful at telling what that means. The brilliance of his message is how relevant to living freely was his time in lockdown. The message for us on the outside is less about redemption than it is about respect. - Joel.R.Dennstedt

Product Details
ISBN: 9783982159706
ISBN-10: 3982159709
Publisher: Richard Houdershell
Publication Date: January 20th, 2020
Pages: 202
Language: English
Series: Life