Media Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Paperback)

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By Michelle Ferrier (Editor), Elizabeth Mays (Editor)
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Media Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a living, dynamic work built by a community of innovators. The textbook is an open, collaboratively written and edited volume designed to fill the needs of a growing number of journalism and mass communications programs in the U.S. that are teaching media entrepreneurship, media innovation, and the business of journalism to undergraduate and graduate students.

This resource takes students from ideation to financing, and covers the key concepts that media, communication or journalism students need to take a media innovation concept from idea to launch.

This book includes chapters by Michelle Ferrier, Elizabeth Mays, Jake Batsell, CJ Cornell, Geoffrey Graybeal, Mike Green, Mark Poepsel, Jessica Pucci, Ingrid Sturgis, Betty Tsakarestou, a foreword by Jan Schaffer, and sidebars by Lori Benjamin, Dana Coester, Chris Dell, Dalton Dellsperger, John Dille, Amy Eisman, Francine Hardaway, Coury Turczyn, and Georgann Yara. Numerous others contributed to this book as editors, peer reviewers, beta testers, and beyond.

Chapters include: Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset, Ideation, Customer Discovery for Content and Tech Startups, Business Models for Content and Technology Plays, Nonprofit Model Development, Freelancing as Entrepreneurship and Consulting as Business Models, Startup Funding, Pitching Ideas, Marketing Your Venture to Audiences, and Entrepreneurship Abroad.

This book has received and incorporated feedback from formal peer reviewers, open reviewers, and real students and faculty who tested the book in their classrooms. But even after our crowdsourced reviews, the text will never be a "finished" product. We will continue to provide updates and additions in response to user feedback and changes in the industry.

Rebus Community, a nonprofit building a new, collaborative model for open textbook publishing, provided extensive project support and helped us to find the many collaborators who contributed to the book's development.

The book is free to students and faculty in multiple formats (Web/mobile, EPUB, PDF) at https: // Educators may remix and build upon this text.

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