Dolphin Mimicry: A Profound Adventure (Paperback)

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What would be your experience if you could communicate with another species? What would be learned, and what would you tell them? Jonas works a high-risk job as a diver aboard an off-shore rig. He never thought he would be confronted with such questions.

Peek, a dolphin, inhabits the waters around the rig, and is curious of this human who spends so much time in the ocean. He never realized how enriching such an encounter could be.

In the novel Dolphin Mimicry, the forces of mankind and nature intersect through the intertwined journeys of self-realization and enlightenment between Jonas and Peek. This story is for all ages, and follows the adventures of Jonas, as he works off the coast of Namibia in the south Atlantic. He befriends Peek, and their adventure deepens through the discovery of each other's worlds as they interact with whales, sharks, intense storms, and humans.

Dolphin Mimicry is an exciting and sobering journey into the mysterious oceanic world; one that gives us an understanding of what those who inhabit the seas experience as they interact with humans. The story embraces the importance of respecting and protecting nature and leads to a conclusion that will warm your heart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781950323418
ISBN-10: 1950323412
Publisher: Leaning Rock Press LLC
Publication Date: March 31st, 2021
Pages: 142
Language: English