Laboratory Fume Hoods Explained: Chemical Containment - Exposure Control (Paperback)

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Making labs safer one fume hood at a time.Forty years of experience in the laboratory fume hood industry told Chip Albright that something was wrong. Albright was compelled to write this book after hearing the callous comment, "It doesn't matter if the hoods work, it only matters that we have them and that people assume they work." Observing hundreds of laboratories around the world exposed the fact that the fume hood is the most misunderstood and misused safety device in most laboratories. People who work in laboratories assume they are being protected from harmful air contaminates - but, are they?Until now, understanding the complexity of laboratory ventilation systems was a nearly impossible feat for most. This book takes a step by step approach to explaining the interface between the fume hood, the laboratory ventilation system and the building HVAC. It reveals not only the failings of these systems, but suggests solutions for making them better. Finally, a single source that includes: -the history of the fume hood-a detailed explanation of how a fume hood works-why most fume hoods do not perform effectively-why all laboratory users should be concerned-how to ensure that your laboratory fume hood is actually keeping your laboratory safeAlbright's holistic approach to the subject is refreshing and effective. This book will leave you with a deeper understanding of the science behind fume hoods and heightened awareness of how they can protect the people in a laboratory. If you own or work in a laboratory, this book is required reading.
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ISBN: 9781735711010
ISBN-10: 1735711012
Publisher: Creative Solutions (OH)
Publication Date: October 7th, 2020
Pages: 158
Language: English