Symphony for G (Paperback)

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It is one thing to buy a house in a new place, but another to be accepted into a new area, especially when you are so different to everyone else. This is the continued story of Sol's life at Bothan Faobhar, a house that offers little except for the very basics for life. Can he make a life for himself here where everything is so much at odds with his urbanised life? And when will he meet G, the previous occupant who still writes to him once a month? Hoping for the chance to be accepted by the locals, this is the second book in the story of Sol's introspective journey in the Faobhar estate in the north west of Scotland. It continues to draw in the wild things he shares the land with but also the music and people that fight to protect and be protected by it. It is also about a man struggling to live in the house that he bought.

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ISBN: 9781716851841
ISBN-10: 171685184X
Publication Date: August 1st, 2020
Pages: 286
Language: English