The Adventures of Jules & Oliver (Paperback)

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Jules and Oliver are spirited eleven-year-old boys living in the London Orphanage in the late 1800s. The boys are well-mannered and hardworking. They are also intelligent, courageous, and adventurous. While Jules is more of the explorer, Oliver, who is constantly hungry, is the inventor. His gadgets frequently assist the boys in getting out of the... ...increasingly dangerous predicaments they find themselves in. One Saturday when the boys are working at the shoppe owned by Mr. Brookshire, they discover a small metal box that is attached to the ceiling in the basement. Curiosity consumes the pair, and they work as a team to knock the box down and retrieve the parchment inside of it. When the boys return to the orphanage, they learn that the piece of paper contains a treasure map and... ...the first clue they need to pursue their new adventure. Jules and Oliver enlist the assistance of their friend, Mr. Cambridge, who was once a child at the London Orphanage and later the guardian of the London Museum until he was blamed for a terrible fire there that occurred years ago. Mr. Cambridge nurtures the boys' inquisitive natures by supplying them with books of historical relevance to their hunt for jewels stolen by a pirate named Jorden Berg. He also helps his young friends dissect the clues they collect when... ...they sneak out of the orphanage at night. The treasure hunt leads Jules and Oliver to historic structures in London, including Big Ben and Scotland Yard. As the story progresses, the search for the treasure becomes less about pursuing adventure and wealth, and more about the boys' determination to help a friend in distress.

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ISBN: 9781621832928
ISBN-10: 1621832929
Publisher: Brighton Publishing LLC
Publication Date: April 13th, 2016
Pages: 404
Language: English