Red Herrings: A Cautionary Journey for Citizen Opposition Groups (Paperback)

Red Herrings: A Cautionary Journey for Citizen Opposition Groups Cover Image
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This is a true story about an untrue story. It takes you through the experiences of an ordinary group of citizens and neighbors who banded together to fight against a proposed trash incinerator that would have threatened their neighborhoods. It is an accounting of a scandal that was based on fairy tales of impossible science, and sprinkled liberally with deception and corruption.

The true events that unfolded gave meaning to the wry observation that oftentimes, truth really is stranger than fiction. It was finally stopped when a small group decided that enough was enough. They stood up and got the truth out. By telling the truth, they slowly turned the tables against the developer.

Written from the point of view of one of those citizens who got involved in the effort to stop the proposed project, this book takes you inside the real-life campaign from the initial discovery of the development all the way through its final demise.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781604147834
ISBN-10: 1604147830
Publisher: Fideli Publishing Inc.
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2021
Pages: 262
Language: English