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THE MODERN THEME PARK BUSINESS is a globe-spanning, multibillion-dollar extravaganza that relies upon the efforts of engineers, performers, painters, designers, singers, comedians, architects, dancers, writers and every kind of corporate professional imaginable, from accountants to lawyers to marketing pros. In fact, few industries rely on as many different career skill sets as the theme park industry. The magic does not happen by accident.Americans spend about $25 billion a year on visiting theme parks in the United States. The Disney parks alone receive almost 20 million visitors per year. For many families, packing the car or getting on a plane to spend a week or so on a theme-park vacation is an annual ritual cherished by children and parents alike. In fact, adults outnumber children at Disneyland by about two to one.A growing economy in the United States and around the world has pumped up demand for theme parks. Theme parks spend around $10 billion on new construction in the United States every year, and that does not count additional spending around the world, often by American companies. While it is true that the theme park business is sensitive to economic downturns, it always bounces back. Having fun is a part of life, and people are happy to spend money on it. There may be a place in this fascinating business for you.
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Publication Date: January 8th, 2020
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