Travel Notes from the River Styx (Paperback)

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In the earnest and beautiful Travel Notes from the River Styx, Susanna Lang peers into the tiny mirrors of a river's current, the mirror her father cannot see himself in, the rearview mirror in which she spies sandhill cranes on an afternoon drive as she interrogates the natural and, at times, unnatural world. The result is a collection of double images: the moon a "copper coin with the sheen worn off," "the flag that] slips down the pole," the country where her grandmother was born once called Russia, now Ukraine. As clear in its language as it is rich in argument, there's something for everyone in Travel Notes, for travelers are exactly what this poet proclaims we are. It's impossible to read this collection without wondering what doubles wait/lurk/reside beneath the skin of our bodies and of our world.

--Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum

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ISBN: 9780998215907
ISBN-10: 0998215902
Publisher: Terrapin Books
Publication Date: May 26th, 2017
Pages: 106
Language: English