Brand Activism, Inc.: The Rise of Corporate Influence (Hardcover)

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Why are companies talking about sex, politics and religion?

For decades we have expected companies to focus on their business, and to stay away from hot button items like sex, politics, religion, and social issues. Now, the world is changing and we are seeing companies not only expressing their values, but actively campaigning for change.

Brand Activism, Inc. is a fascinating journey profiling companies being activists and the reaction their activism causes. Covering a diverse array of topics, from diversity to net neutrality to LGBT rights to immigration, you will gain a new understanding of modern corporate behavior.

Sometimes political, sometimes controversial but never boring, Brand Activism, Inc. is a whirlwind tour of a changing landscape. Along the way you will learn how a company's values may well become the next differentiator in an increasingly homogenized and commoditized market place, beating out price and service. Enjoy the tour

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ISBN: 9780997663501
ISBN-10: 0997663502
Publisher: Ubmm Holdings LLC
Publication Date: June 27th, 2016
Pages: 216
Language: English