Darwinia: A Novel of a Very Different Twentieth Century (Paperback)

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In 1912, history was changed by the Miracle, when the old world of Europe was replaced by Darwinia, a strange land of nightmarish jungle and antediluvian monsters. To some, the Miracle was an act of divine retribution; to others, it is an opportunity to carve out a new empire.

Leaving an America now ruled by religious fundamentalists, young Guilford Law travels to Darwinia on a mission of discovery that will take him further than he can possibly imagine…to a shattering revelation about mankind's destiny in the universe.

Robert Charles Wilson has crafted a brilliant science fiction novel—a view of an utterly different 20th century.

Darwinia is a 1999 Hugo Award Nominee for Best Novel.

About the Author

Robert Charles Wilson was born in California and lives in Toronto. His novel Spin won science fiction’s Hugo Award in 2006. Earlier, he won the Philip K. Dick Award for his debut novel A Hidden Place; Canada’s Aurora Award for Darwinia; and the John W. Campbell Award for The Chronoliths.

Praise For…

“In the best tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Jules Verne, and H. G. Wells…A page-turner.” —Toronto Globe and Mail on Darwinia

“Rich, lucid, and literate…Comparable to Philip D. Dick or A. E. Van Vogt. Remarkable indeed.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Darwinia

“Robert Charles Wilson is a hell of a storyteller.” —Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly, on Spin

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ISBN: 9780765319050
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Publisher: Orb Books
Publication Date: September 4th, 2007
Pages: 320
Language: English