Eternal Gambit (Hardcover)

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Hell's exit appears once a day.

My very life--and the key to escaping Davy Jones' Locker--rests in figuring out Mutinous Cannon's sinister plan.
He needs my crew in hell.
We have to figure out why before time runs out.

But Plank is sinking into an abyss where none of us can follow, Mutinous' presence has rocked my fathers to their very cores, and now I find myself unable to ignore the heat mounting within me.
. . . Yet giving in to my feelings for one will hurt another.

I can't lose my fathers, my crew, to the horrors of their pasts.
Their demons must be conquered.
As must mine.
The Eternal Gambit must be untangled.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780648334446
ISBN-10: 0648334449
Publisher: Kelly St. Clare
Publication Date: June 20th, 2019
Pages: 258
Language: English