Purple Solutions: A bipartisan roadmap to better healthcare in America (Paperback)

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America spends more than any other developed country on healthcare, and yet does not provide better health outcomes. Why is healthcare so expensive in America, and what is the solution to this out-of-control cost curve? Republicans and Democrats can't agree, and yet rational compromise is desperately needed. Perhaps the best solution to better healthcare in America lies between all this political hyperbole. In Purple Solutions, a collection of 20 experts have come together to share their thoughts and expertise on how to reform healthcare in America. Expert contributors include the former president of the AMA, policy and think tank leaders, healthcare executives, entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the current medical industrial complex, politicians, payers, providers and legal experts. The solution is in our hands as consumers and voters, not in the hands of big government or corporate medicine. Viable bipartisan solutions to healthcare reform are presented - we just need to change our mindset, and then convince our elected officials to compromise and work towards giving us better healthcare in America.
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ISBN: 9780578706184
ISBN-10: 0578706180
Publisher: Daniel Sem
Publication Date: July 1st, 2020
Pages: 428
Language: English