Prelude for a Tick (Paperback)

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One year in and Sol's life at Bothan Faobhar has settled into one where he can both survive and flourish despite the cottage's limitations. What could possibly be missing? But then he is reminded of his past life by the visitation of his old flame Sue and he realises quickly that no man is an island when he needs the comfort and love of another. But what compromise would he be prepared to undertake in order to make their very different lifestyles match? Where could they live if one longed for the city and the other for isolation? Without his mentor Joe, with only the help of his nearest friends, how is the laird of the estate supposed to move on? And then there is the discovery of raven treasure and the superstitious myths of the locals adding to the possibilities for foul play. And that is before the tick... This is the continued story of Sol. It is about the reality of rural life, traditions and folklore. But it is also about a man who is unsure how to compromise on the things he cares about most.

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ISBN: 9780244829148
ISBN-10: 0244829144
Publication Date: October 22nd, 2019
Pages: 240
Language: English