A Great Success!



We'd like to extend the most heartfelt of THANK YOUS for coming out to celebrate the first Annual Chicago Independent Bookstore Day yesterday. It was a resounding success! We love that you think of us on Saturday morning when you come to join us while Miss Irica reads and sings. We love that you were able to share Martha Bayne's delicious gazpacho creations. We love that you helped us welcome Curbside Splendor authors and followers. In short, we love that you helped us have a fabulous Chicago Independent Bookstore Day!


We are thrilled that you have become a part of our community, and honored that we have become a part of yours. 




It's Official...

As I'm sure you're all actively following, this Saturday is Chicago's first annual Independent Bookstore Day! With nine bookstores around Chicago participating in giveaways, book signings, and other special events unique to each store, it's bound to be a blast. 

We were excited enough knowing that our faithful Logan Squarers and Chicagoans would take note and take part. But just the other day, we received some pretty exciting news...

Chicago's own Rahm Emanuel declared that July 12, 2014 is OFFICIALLY Chicago Independent Bookstore Day in Chicago! Not only that, he namedropped us in his Proclamation! Whether or not this will translate to a citywide holiday with businesses and schools closing, we'll keep you posted...



WHEREAS, books were spawned by the evolution of the act of transcription and written language in pursuit of greater communication, which can be traced to ancient civilization; and 

WHEREAS, the birth of books forever changed the course of history, fortifying culture by exchanging ideas and increasing scholarship, and bolstering communication amongst people the world over; and

WHEREAS, the independent bookstore has long played an indelible role alongside libraries in offering unique collections and volumes, and rare editions and assorted subjects to every reader’s predilection; and

WHEREAS, the availability of multifarious varieties of books has long been one of the hallmarks of an advancing, evolving society; and

WHEREAS, often times, it is the independent bookstore’s intimate setting and warm, knowledgeable staff that sets it apart from other institutions; and

WHEREAS, the City of Chicago is home to a number of these cultural and community gems, many of which, boast families or groups, or circles of lifelong resident-customers in and around the historic Hyde Park, Lincoln Square, Logan Square, Downtown, Printer’s Row, Lakeview, and Andersonville neighborhoods; and

WHEREAS, 57th Street Books, the Book Cellar, City Lit Books, Open Books, Powell’s Bookstore, Sandemeyer’s, Seminary Co-Op, Unabridged Books, and Women and Children First continue to advance Chicago’s literary palate all while satisfying its diverse intellectual cravings; and

WHEREAS, each of these independent book stores will mark Saturday, July 12, 2014 with very special activities to celebrate their enduring presence and invaluable cultural standing in and around Chicagoland:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, RAHM EMANUEL, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF CHICAGO, do hereby proclaim July 12, 2014 to be CHICAGO INDEPENDENT BOOK STORE DAY IN CHICAGO and urge all Chicagoans to take part in this auspicious day in recognition of a stories tradition of literature, language, and learning in our city. 

Dated this 8th day of July, 2014. 


Rahm Emanuel



Chicago Independent Bookstore Day


City Lit Books is participating in the First Annual Chicago Independent Bookstore Day on July 12, 2014. Nine Chicago independent bookstores are teaming up to create this event. To encourage Chicago readers to visit their own neighborhood store as well as the other unique stores in different neighborhoods—from Hyde Park to Logan Square to Andersonville—indie stores are offering special deals, free books, and refreshments. Customers will also receive a handful of puzzle pieces from each participating store that will fit together to create an exclusively designed frameable print by Lilli Carré.

City Lit will feature a number of our own events on Saturday July, 12, 2014. 

10:30 Storytime with Miss Irica

12:00 Signing and samples with Martha Bayne, author of the Soup & Bread Cookbook

5:00 Curbside Spendlor Publishing Author Readings and Giveaways


All day long, City Lit will be having a sidewalk sale. So drop in, pick up a book from the sidewalk, catch a song with Miss Irica, and eat something delicious with Martha Bayne! And check out our fellow Chicago booksellers all weekend long! 



We're Famous!

You know that we're excited for the start of summer... great weather, great Logan Square activities, and, of course...GREAT BOOKS.
We at City Lit love summer reads so much that Chicago took notice!
Check us out on this week where our City Lit staffers chat about their favorite beach reads. A mixture of sci-fi, mystery, and YA...I promise you WON'T be able to put these books down!
Let us choose your next great read. Sand and Sun optional (but encouraged!).

Book of the Month - May 2013

Much of American culture was made in Chicago, and to understand the country you have to understand its "third coast." So argues Chicago-born-and-raised writer Tom Dyja. His illuminating The Third Coast: When Chicago Built the American Dream, argues that after the Second World War the Windy City functioned as the center of the nation - not just geographically, but also in terms of culture, politics, and business. Innovations such as Mies van der Rohe's glass and steel architecture, Hugh Hefner's Playboy, Chuck Berry's rock and roll, and McDonald's innovative fast food defined modern consumer America. He also describes the end of Chicago's golden era as the election of Richard J. Daley launched a frenzy of new building that came at the expense of the city's creativity and diversity. 

"America," says Dyja, "is a better place when Chicago holds it together." With The Third Coast, Dyja restores Chicago to the central place it once held in the national ethos in a captivating and dazzling alternate history of the American Century.

Thomas Dyja is the author of three novels and two works of non-fiction. A native of Chicago's Northwest Side, he was called a "real Chicago boy" by Studs Terkel.

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