City Lit is a place for people who love books.

We know that every time we read a book, it changes us. City Lit is here to help you find that special book that changes your understanding of the world around you. The book that takes you to an alternate universe. The book that brings you home to emotions and experiences that are at once new and familiar.

Our overarching goal is to build a strong community around the written word. In the two years it has taken to bring City Lit to realization, we have been amazed and thrilled by the people who immediately responded with an intensely personal account of that special book that touched them; that delighted them. And we know we have only scratched the surface of what this community will become. We know you are out there! Come help us create something special!

In time, we at City Lit Books hope to come to know exactly the next book that you must read. We hope to become the place that you go to meet the next big author and the place you go to interact with others who share the same appreciation of good writing. Ultimately, we will be looking to you to help make us the best bookstore anywhere. Period. And if we ever approach that lofty goal, it will only be because of you.


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